The Fat Chicks (The Team)

Brett has an all-mare hitch of spotted/pinto draft horses that he affectionately calls the FAT CHICKS.  The Fat Chicks are registered in the North American Spotted Draft Horse Registry and also in the Pinto Draft Horse Registry.  All seven mares are sisters and Brett has raised and trained them all.

Meet the Fat Chicks!

Abby was born on June 4, 1993.  She stands 16.3 hands high and weighs 1800 pounds.  Abby is the alpha mare and decides who eats what and where!  When the horses are in Colorado for the summer, Abby leads them out to pasture and back in for the night.  If Abby was a person, she would love to spend the day at the mall shopping for a new outfit.  She moves with a lot of animation and is a very athletic horse.  She is a fancy girl!  Abby has a beautiful head and a small white star.


Gail was born on May 29, 1993.  Abby and Gail are sisters and have never been separated.  Gail stands 16.3 hands high and weighs 1800 pounds.  Gail is a “bomb-proof” horse; we used Gail to start all of the other horses when they were young.  Abby and Gail always eat next to one another and often groom one another.  Gail has a beautiful long mane and tail.  They are best friends.  Gail is a laid back horse.  While Abby is at the mall, Gail would be on the couch, eating pizza and watching TV.

Maude was born on May 17, 1996.  She stands 16 hands high and weighs 1400 pounds.  Whenever we hitch four or six horses, Maude is always in the lead.  She is very smart, athletic and a great leader.  She has a small star and a large snip.  Maude and Molly have the same sire.



Molly was born on April 10, 1997.  She stands 16 hands high and weighs 1400 pounds.  She is the most athletic and fast thinking horse in the hitch.  Molly works with Maude in the lead when we are hitching four or six; they make a fantastic lead team.  One of Molly’s distinguishing marks is her black markings around each hoof.  She also has spots.




Trixie was born May 21, 1998.  She stands 16.3 hands high and weighs 1600 pounds.  She has a beautiful long neck and always carries her head high.  She is the only horse with an all black tail.  While all of the horses love to be touched, Trixie will curl her lip when you scratch her special spot on her belly.



Stella was born on April 27, 1999.  She stands 16.3 hands high and weighs 1700 pounds.  Stella is the only chestnut and white horse even though she has the same mother as Abby and Molly.  Stella was raised with Lilly and they are great friends.



Lilly was born on May 9, 1999.  She has a large star on her forehead that looks like a bleeding heart.  At 17.1 hands high and 1900 pounds, Lilly is the biggest horse in the hitch.  Lilly is a big strong horse and can always be relied on to pull a heavy load.  Lilly loves to get a bath with the pressure washer.








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